Source-Code Recovery Services

We provide services to recover Source Code from Executables (EXE files), Libraries (DLL files), and other compiled binaries.


Source Code Recovery is a Multi-Level process, to Dis-Assemble and De-Compile Modules, from recognizing patterns of machine instructions, it is a result of several years of research and development.


Foxpro / Clipper / Visual Foxpro (VFP)

.APP Application
.EXE Executable Program
.FXP Compiled FoxPro
.MPX Compiled Menu
.PRX Compiled Format
.QPX Compiled Query
.SPX Compiled Screen



We can decompile Java CLASS files, applets and binaries.


Visual Basic / Dot Net / C#

All 32-bit versions of Visual Basic - VB4/32, VB5 and VB6 (file types EXE, OCX, DLL, p-code and native code).

All versions of Dot Net Applications.


Tally Developer (TDL / TCP)

We can recover your lost original Tally TCP source code.


Autocad Lisp



Fortran / Pascal / C / C++



Note : Conversion of any Binaries to 'C' native modules work undertaken.